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One of the most popular destinations in Southern Crete and one of the most famous in the world, Elafonisi will fascinate you with its untouched beauty, shallow cool waters, of twinkling shades under the bright sun and marvelous coral sand.

Elafonissi is not really an island but an elongated peninsula, which in some places intersects, resembling an island. It is about 200 meters from the main shore and to get there you have to cross a lagoon of almost 1 meter deep.

The main beach of Elafonissi is perfectly organized; visitors who desire more privacy can wonder around and discover another cove to enjoy their swim more calmly.

It is perhaps one of the few cases where words do not suffice to describe such beauty! Visit Elafonissi and allow yourself to witness a totally unique experience!

Paleochora Discover organizes for you unforgettable tours by boat to Elafonisi, with a number of intermediate stops. Contact us for more information!