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Gavdos! The southernmost part of Europe! The island where Calypso held the long-suffering Odysseus captive. An island with an unknown rich history, of exquisite, unspoiled, wild beauty that you must definitely visit during your stay in Southern Crete.

In an area of about 30 square kilometers you will find beaches of exceptional beauty. Visit the wild sandy beach of Ai Giannis with its turquoise waters, Lavrakas with its golden sand, Tripiti, the southernmost and most beautiful beach in Europe. Take a swim and enjoy some clay therapy in the crystal clear waters of the Potamos or hike to Lakoudi.

Do not leave before you visit sights such as the Lighthouse of Gavdos (Faros), the Venetian castle, the Folklore Museum, the carved tombs of Lavrakas, or before you take a sit in the wooden chair of 2 meters high, in the southernmost part of the island!

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