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Just 4 km from Paleochora, Gialiskari or Anydroi is found, a complex of three gorgeous, secluded pebble beaches with deep, cool, clear blue waters. Three diamond-like coves, not to be missed out from your marine destinations!

When the Southwest side of Paleochora is not suitable for swimming due to strong winds, Gialiskari is the perfect alternative. The formation of the coast protects those shores from the winds and the waves occurring are relatively low.

The beach is easily accessible by car from a dirt road, for lovers of hiking through the gorge of Anidroi, as well as by boat from Paleochora, for marine explorers.

Endless small gulfs provide all-day relaxation, play or diving. Head to the third creek on the left, less visible but fully organized, enjoy your dives while being mesmerized by the sound of cicadas. Immerse yourself in summer siesta and for lunch, head to the tavern under the tamarisk trees for delicious local mezedes!

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