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The beautiful bay of Lissos is hidden and well protected in the midst of a green valley. The beach is accessible either by boat or via the European hiking trail E4, which passes through the gorge of Lissos and ends in the ancient homonymous archaeological place.

Ancient Lissos hosted the Hellenistic temple of Asclepius, god of Health. The Asclepieion was famous for its thermal baths and patients from all over Crete sought treatment in its waters. There you will have the opportunity to walk on the decorated mosaic where our ancient ancestors used to lay down at night, to have predictive dreams, for which they seeked oracles from the clairvoyants of the temple.

The area has scattered ancient ruins such as marble capitals and columns of temples, as well as two picturesque Christian churches, “Panagia” (Virgin Mary) and the Byzantine church of Agios Kirikos (St. Kirik).

Complete your mystical wandering by diving in the cool, crystal clear waters, enjoying the energy and tranquility of this enchanting landscape.

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