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Coastal Settlement


As the boat approaches to moor in Loutro, the image you will see will forever be etched in your mind. Small white houses neighboring with each other, built amphitheatrically, engulfed under stunning rocks! It is hard even to imagine!

Loutro is a secluded picturesque fishing village, sheltered in the bosom of a sheltered bay. In recent years it has become a very popular destination for those who visit Crete due to its tranquility and beauty.

There are no cars here and the only road that crosses the village is full of cafeterias, to enjoy refreshing drinks or beverages, a wonderful traditional breakfast and other local delicacies.

If you decide to stay in Loutro, you can swim in the main beach of Gialos or a little further east in Keramos. By boat you can visit the wonderful beaches of Glyka Nera, Finikas and the enchanting Marmara.

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